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Sinks & Taps

CB Stone is a proud authorised Blanco dealer

At CB Stone you will find the convenience of purchasing your worktops alongside your Blanco tap and sink. Making your experience easy and more time efficient. Besides, when templating your worktops we will have the precise measurements needed, saving you from worrying about these.

Choosing a kitchen sink and tap can be one of the hardest decisions when deciding on your new kitchen. 

Discover the ideal bowl, the perfect sink, easy-to-install inset sinks or popular granite sinks made of Silgranit, not to mention matching single-lever mixers and two-handle mixer taps. 

You’ll find kitchen mixer taps that make the perfect match for bowls at BLANCO, Germany’s largest sink manufacturer. A huge selection of top-quality kitchen mixer taps, often in an award-winning design – find the ideal tap for your kitchen. 

Whether you want to pour fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle, if you want to boil some water, you usually have to wait. But not any longer! Now you have the smart BLANCO TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1 mixer tao instead. 3-in-1 means cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single mixer tap. Having a boiling water on-tap without having to wait is a real advantage and saves valuable time. The mixer tap is controlled via a separate hot water rotary knob with a safety catch. After every use, the rotary knob springs straight back to the original position, ensuring maximum safety. The water in the boiler is heated to 105°C to ensure that bacteria and germs are thoroughly eliminated. The insulated spout and the concentrated, low=spray jet of water project your hands from the hot water. 

Making kitchen life easier everyday. Drink.Prep. Clean. Everything you need, all in one place. Once seamless solution with perfectly combined products for a creative yet practical kitchen Bub at the heart of your home. 

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